Balaji, Dalio, Elon, and Taleb
I think this is the first thing that could be built for the Index with lowest cost to highest benefit ratio
No, seriously. How to Fix the News.

February 2023

And only theoretically when you reason out that yeah, you do have to do kindness at a distance for civilization to work but the specific love is what…
But people should really talk about the Fermi Paradox and the Singularity in interchangeable terms
You should not read this

January 2023

And my ulterior motives for building the Index or the Decentralized News Editor
My son taking regular naps and going to bed earlier has super charged my ability to be productive
But which I am going to push forward with anyway because I got into an imaginary argument with Nick Bostrum and I haven’t yet fully recovered from my…
Or it was already fairly in line with stuff he was thinking about anyway and we arrived more or less at the same place from first principles, but also…
Bro, no one even asked you to do this! *gravelly Batman voice* That’s what a hero does!
In which I sound like a guy who got high in college, but then sobered up and harshed everyone’s mellow