The following is a description of a new form of government, which I call an Algorithmic Republic. As a simplifying fiction, it may be easier to think of it as a Digital Democracy. The central premise is that by creating pressures and rewards similar to those that allowed…
And the Impossible Highs and Incredible Frustration of Near Total Agreement
“O glorious day! O bounteous Fortune, who now with gilded hath turned her wheel to let Light again touch this poor wretch ‘pon the brow and bless this…
Author’s Note: Apologies that it has been a while but since I do this in secret and since my wife thought a good use of my time on my paternity leave…
How to Fix Twitter, Repair Institutional Trust, and Save the Future
A very soft introduction to the Shadow Library
On Winning Second Place in the Passage Prize Short Story Category, and other mostly just crazy thoughts because I had to write this over like forty-five…
The Lighthouse, ExplainedYou’re a light house keeper. Or soon to be a lighthouse keeper, anyway. Some grizzled sailor dropped you off on an island with a tower that has …
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