The following is a description of a new form of government, which I call an Algorithmic Republic. As a simplifying fiction, it may be easier to think of it as a Digital Democracy. The central premise is that by creating pressures and rewards similar to those that allowed…
How to Fix Twitter, Repair Institutional Trust, and Save the Future
A very soft introduction to the Shadow Library
On Winning Second Place in the Passage Prize Short Story Category, and other mostly just crazy thoughts because I had to write this over like forty-five…
The Lighthouse, ExplainedYou’re a light house keeper. Or soon to be a lighthouse keeper, anyway. Some grizzled sailor dropped you off on an island with a tower that has …
A maritime examination of the nature of intelligence, other minds, the singularity, etc
Author’s Note: Late to the party on this one. Blame my son’s gas. Insert my typical apologies about having no sleep here. Joe Rogan, a comedian…
Unfortunately, this is another phone post. Written in a Target Parking lot no less. With one hand dedicated to bottle feeding , while my wife hunts down…
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